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Have you got a problem with middle age spread, or your belly never bounced back after you gave birth? You could regain the flat, smooth stomach you once had with the help of John Walker, MD, of Best Plastic Surgery Practice in Lawndale, California. Dr. Walker is a leading plastic surgeon with many years of experience performing abdominoplasties. If you need a tummy tuck, call Best Plastic Surgery Practice today, or book an appointment online.

Abdominoplasty Q & A

What is abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty is better known as a tummy tuck, an operation that removes excess fat and skin from the abdomen. Abdominoplasty also repairs damaged muscles and strengthens weakened muscles in the abdomen to enhance the results and give you a firm, flat belly.

Am I a suitable candidate for abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty isn’t an alternative to healthy, sustained weight loss, and you should be eating a well-balanced diet and engaging in plenty of exercise to optimize your overall health. However, abdominoplasty is an ideal procedure for people who live a healthy lifestyle but have difficulty shifting stubborn fat from around their belly.

Many people who are otherwise fit and well find they have problems with an excess of fat around their tummy and this area can be resistant to weight loss efforts. You may also have loose, sagging skin in the area if you’ve lost weight or experienced weight fluctuations.

You’re more likely to have problems with stubborn belly fat if other members of your family also have the same problem, and the effects of aging and childbirth can also cause your belly to retain fat or have sagging skin.

What happens during the abdominoplasty procedure?

Dr. Walker takes you through the process beforehand, ensuring you’re fit enough for the surgery and that you know what to expect.

When you attend for your surgery, you have an anesthetic to make sure you feel no pain, before Dr. Walker commences the procedure.

Dr. Walker makes an incision in your lower belly, just above your pubic hairline. He removes the excess fat and checks the condition of the muscles underneath the fat, repairing any damaged or weakened tissues.

He then trims away any excess skin that’s left to ensure you have a smooth, flat post-op tummy, and makes sure your belly button is in the right place before suturing the wound.

Following your surgery, you return home and follow the instructions Dr. Walker gives you to keep your wound clean and help it heal. You need to take up to a month off work after an abdominoplasty, and for the first six weeks, you have to refrain from any form of strenuous physical activity.

You wear an elasticated bandage around your abdomen to aid the healing process, and you need to take care of sitting or laying down and getting back up again. Dr. Walker arranges follow-up appointments to ensure the wound is healing properly and the surgery has been successful. Once any swelling has gone down, you’ll see your new, flat tummy, minus the excess fat and skin.

To discuss your suitability for abdominoplasty, make an appointment with Dr. Walker by calling Best Plastic Surgery Practice today, or book using the online tool.