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Fat transfer to the face

Before and after liposuction of jowls, fat transfer to cheekbone areas and upper lip lift

I have been transferring fat to peoples faces and buttocks now for almost 2 decades. I was taught this by Sydney Coleman and use the Coleman fat structuring technique. I believe that this is the most sensible technique for fat transfer and works well in my hands, with a very high degree of patient satisfaction.

Something I have been doing recently is removing peoples, gels and fat around the corner of the mandible To clean up peoples jawline, and re-injecting it into the upper midface area around the tear troughs and the line extending from the tear trough onto peoples zygomatic processes (Cheekbone area).

This, in conjunction with some neuromodulator treatment of the muscles pulling down the corner of the mouth, allows the lips to be naturally elevated and enlarged so that they do not look like a trout pout, but simply rejuvenated.

Another adjunctive procedure, which I have been using with some success recently is an upper lip lift both centrally and laterally on the upper lip. The lip looks larger naturally without getting a lot of filler and looking like frankfurters.

If you value your face and want to see some happy results, please come and see us at Best Plastic Surgery Practice today!

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